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Although many know her as "Abigail Guerrero" in the acting industry, her full name is Laura Abigail Cisneros, and most students refer to her as"Miss Abi." Abigail is a film and stage actress, director, and singer. She started her journey in the arts at a very early age, always dancing, singing, and "performing" for loved ones. She loved taking Jazz, Hip Hop, and Folklorico dance classes and quickly realized that music was a passion. With vocal training as the foundation of her career and knowing a few instruments, she began songwriting. For years she wrote, sang, and performed music. She trained vocally under Sonya Florie in Texas. At the age of 13, she participated in a televised vocal competition, "Our Part of Town,"in the 13-18 yr old category, and won first place. 

One day, the vocal director for the stage production of "Tarzan," reached out to her and invited her to audition in a nearby city. Her first thought was "no way," given that she had no experience with acting, only vocals and dance. However, she took the risk and ended up landing the lead role of "Jane." It was through this role in which she had to learn British dialect, and the ins and outs of stage Theatre, that a new passion was born. After this production, Abigail starred in over 12 more musicals at different Theaters as both lead and supporting rolesThrough her training in Musical Theatre, she was able to learn from Derek Klena, Britney Coleman, Tony-Award winner Matt Doyle, and the choreographer of "Hamilton." When she started a family, she decided to take on less projects and taught Theatre Arts at a Middle School for ages 11-15. Throughout her teaching years, she directed several musicals and plays, winning 1st place in the district UIL two years in a row among other awards. She was also nominated as one of the Top 5 teachers in the state of Texas by "Teachers of Tomorrow."

After dedicating much time to stage productions, Abigail received her BFA in Theatre with an emphasis in Film Acting and Directing. It was through the classes she took and mentors that she learned important acting techniques derived from legendary professionals such as Meisner and Stanislavsky. She eventually got picked up by an agent (we teach you all about agencies at our studio), and started to audition for roles in the Film industry. Being bilingual, she was able to book jobs that catered to a variety of audiences. She booked several Spanish commercials that have been streamed through networks such as Univision and Telemundo (some still air today!), some English commercials, a few short films, and feature films with iconic costars such as Corey Feldman, Georgina Reilly, Brian George, and more. After studying under several acting coaches, working in different films, and working as a Casting Director in the industry, she believes she finally found what she calls the "Golden Recipe" to what makes a great actor and the type of training that is needed. This is what drew her to creating the classes that she offers at Nova Arts. There is no wasting time or money here. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life... take your first step today!

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