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These classes need to be taken in order at our studio and length of progression depends on how often students are coming into the studio (weekly/biweekly) and how much work they're putting in. Please note that these classes are specifically for students that want to train in the film industry (we do not cover stage acting), if students are interested in stage performance, they can take our Musical Theatre training. 


This is the foundation of the acting journey. Students are taught how to be believable and real. We learn acting terms and definitions that are used in the professional world and by the end of the course, students are placed in real life industry scenarios in which we check for their understanding of terms so that they are more than prepared. Students will be put on camera several times during this class and will have access to their tapes. We work on building character development skills and taking direction. (ALL students MUST take Acting 1 BEFORE taking any other course, regardless of prior experience)


In this class, students tap into different intense emotions throughout different scenes. Sometimes you need to cry, be angry, be overjoyed, or play a villain or crazy character for a role. If you are not an experienced actor or are uncomfortable showing strong emotions in real life, you may not feel comfortable acting with that kind of intensity that is called for in emotional scenes. We learn different techniques and exercises to achieve this in a healthy way and on command. (ALL students MUST take Acting 2 BEFORE taking Acting 3, regardless of prior experience)


This class is about learning how to enhance "cold reading" skills. These skills are very necessary in the business (TV, Film, Commercials, and Stage). When an actor is given a script the day of their audition and they have 10 minutes to look over it... while 50 other actors in the room are doing the same, how will they stand out? They have just a few minutes to figure that out. This is the class where we break it all down. Each week students will cold read different scripts and be directed. Students will be taught to handle the craziest of situations, so that they are prepared for any curveball that a casting director might throw at them... because let's face it... this business is unpredictable. (ALL students MUST take Acting 3 BEFORE taking Acting 4, regardless of prior experience)


In this class, students learn the importance of listening and reacting. Did you know that you are still acting even when you have finished saying your lines? Even before saying your lines! Cameras and eyes are always on your character and it's all about listening and reacting to your scene partners. We go over body language, physicality, non-verbal communication, facial expressions, and more. These are the deep layers that make an actor real and impactful. Many consider this one of the most difficult levels, but it's a game changer. It takes time. It takes practice. It takes confidence. And it's worth it. (ALL students MUST take Acting 4 BEFORE becoming an Acting Ninja, regardless of prior experience)

ACTING ninja

(Ongoing Training) - Fixed Monthly Fee 

When students have completed all 4 levels for Film, they qualify to continue their weekly training as "Acting Ninjas." They get perks such as access to talent agents for representation, 20% off of Self Tapes for their auditions, discounts on upcoming seminars, and unlimited access to upcoming Master Classes for FREE. During ongoing training, students work on advanced material and apply all their knowledge from all 4 levels of classes. They may also bring in their own material for coaching on an upcoming audition or current role. 

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